The Marlee Shul has hosted several events and runs several programs each year. Additionally, we are the hosts of events run by our members.

Current Programs

Shabbos Morning Parsha Shiur

Every Shabbos morning, Rabbi Oppenheimer speaks on the parsha and other current topics from 8:30 until davening at 9:00.

Summer Shabbos Afternoon Mishna Shiur

Every Shabbos afternoon, Rabbi Oppenheimer gives a shiur on Gemara beginning 40 minutes before mincha.

Weekly Shalosh Seudos

Each week, one of our members delivers a d’var torah during shalosh seudos on the parsha and other relevant topics.

Past programs have included:

Hilchos Niddah Shiurim

Two pairs of shiurim, one for men and one for women, took place during January and February of 2009.

Simchas Torah Luncheon

Lunch was served after the conclusion of davening for members, guests, and their families.

Channuka Parties

A party for adults which featured a magician and silent auction on Motzei Shabbos Channuka, and a party for the children on Sunday afternoon with music and a clown.